4 Ways to Keep God First with your Kids this Winter! +Free Kids Winter Bucket List

Download this free kids Winter Bucket List full of ideas for your family this winter! Plus a blank one to write your own ideas!

4 Ideas for Christ-Centered Fun this Winter +FREE Winter Bucket List

4 Ideas for Christ-Centered Fun this Winter +FREE Winter Bucket List

As the temperature drops and the holidays approach, it's time to gather your little blessings for a season of joy and faith-filled fun. I'm so excited to share four heartwarming ideas that'll not only make this winter special but also keep Jesus at the center of all the joy. From cookie-decorating with a side of Bible stories to crafting prayerful snowflakes, these activities are all about creating warm memories that echo the true meaning of Christmas. 

And guess what? I've whipped up a FREE downloadable Winter Bucket List for Kids packed with even more Christ-centered fun for your family. Let's make this winter one filled with love, laughter, and a whole lot of Jesus joy! 

 1. Nativity Story Snow Sculptures:

Embrace the wintry outdoors by creating a Nativity scene in your own front yard. On a snowy day, gather the family to build a Nativity snow sculpture. Use your creativity to fashion Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, and the other characters of the Nativity story. As you work together, share the story of Jesus' birth, and discuss its significance in your faith. This hands-on activity not only allows your family to engage with the Bible but also creates a beautiful, Christ-centered display for your neighbors to enjoy.

Kids Nativity Story Snow Sculptures - Kids Winter Bucket List

 2. Bible Story Cookie Decorating:

Turn your kitchen into a cozy haven of warmth and laughter by hosting a Bible story cookie decorating night with your little ones. Bake an assortment of Christmas-shaped cookies and let the kids get creative with icing and sprinkles. As you decorate, share the Christmas story from the Bible, talking about the birth of Jesus and the joy it brings. It's a delicious way to blend tasty treats with the sweet story of our Savior's arrival, making it a memorable and meaningful family activity.

Bible Story Cookie Decorating- Kids Winter Bucket List

 3. Prayerful Snowflake Craft:

When the snow starts falling, gather your kiddos for an afternoon of crafting delicate paper snowflakes. But here's the twist—write down prayers or blessings on each snowflake before you cut them out. Hang these prayerful snowflakes around the house as a beautiful reminder of the season's true meaning. As you admire your handiwork, take a moment to pray together as a family, expressing gratitude for the gift of Jesus and asking for blessings for others. It's a simple yet profound way to infuse the snowy season with moments of faith and connection.

Prayerful Snowflake Craft- Kids Winter Bucket List

 4. Jesus' Birthday Bash:

Host a special celebration for Jesus' birthday, complete with a birthday cake, party hats, and, of course, heartfelt prayers of gratitude. Encourage your little ones to make birthday cards for Jesus, expressing their love and appreciation. As a family, sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and share stories of why Christmas is a celebration of His birth. This festive and lighthearted approach to recognizing the true reason for the season not only brings joy to your home but also instills in your children the importance of honoring Jesus in all our celebrations.

Jesus' Birthday Party Cake- Kids Winter Bucket List

Final Thoughts

Winter isn't just about bundling up; it's an opportunity to create cherished memories and have some Christ-centered fun, too! 

From sipping cocoa by the fire to crafting snow angels that reflect God's wonder, our FREE Winter Bucket List for Christian kids is your go-to guide for turning the chilly days into a season of warmth, laughter, and love. Grab those mittens, and let's make this winter one to remember!

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