7 SCREEN-FREE Activities for Kids & Tweens this Summer!

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7 Screen-Free Activities for Kids & Tweens this Summer

7 SCREEN-FREE Activities for Kids & Tweens this Summer!

Summer is a wonderful time for kids—a season filled with long days and endless possibilities. But with the allure of screens, it can be challenging to pull children away from their devices. Encouraging screen-free activities not only helps kids engage more with their surroundings but also fosters creativity, physical activity, and social skills. Here are seven fun and enriching screen-free activities to keep your kids entertained all summer long.

1. Individual Bible Study and Journaling

Encourage kids & tweens to start a Bible study routine. They can choose a specific book of the Bible or follow a devotional guide designed for their age group. Pairing this with journaling allows them to reflect on what they read, write down prayers, and note any insights or questions they have.

2. Start a Bible Study Group

Summer is a great time to start a Bible Study Life Group without the distraction of school.

A Life Group offers a meaningful way to connect with their faith and each other. These sessions can be held outdoors in a garden or park, providing a serene backdrop for exploring scripture. Engaging in group discussions helps children understand biblical teachings more deeply, share their perspectives, and support one another on their walk with Christ.

Through prayer, reflection, and interactive activities, kids can build strong friendships rooted in faith while gaining a richer appreciation of the Bible.

3. VBS, Christian Camps and Retreats

Many churches and Christian organizations offer Vacation Bible School, summer camps and retreats. These provide an opportunity for kids & tweens to grow in their faith, make new friends, and enjoy various activities like hiking, swimming, and crafts in a spiritually nurturing environment.

4. Scripture Memorization Challenges

Make learning scripture fun by creating memorization challenges. Choose a set of verses or chapters and set goals for how many can be memorized by the end of summer. You can incorporate rewards for milestones reached. This helps kids & tweens internalize God's Word and strengthens their memory and focus.

5. Nature Exploration with a Spiritual Twist

Plan nature outings that include time for reflection and appreciation of God's creation. Activities can include hiking, camping, or simply taking a walk in a local park. Encourage kids & tweens to bring their Bibles or devotionals and spend time in prayer and reflection while surrounded by nature. They can also create nature journals, documenting their experiences and how they see God's hand in creation.

6. Volunteer Work and Community Service

Engage kids & tweens in service projects that reflect Christian values of helping others. This could include volunteering at a local food pantry, participating in a church mission trip, helping with a community garden, or visiting nursing homes. Acts of service help them live out their faith and develop a heart for others.

7. DIY Craft Projects

Kids & Tweens can engage in more advanced craft projects like tie-dyeing shirts, making friendship bracelets, or creating homemade candles. These activities are not only fun but also allow for creativity and personal expression. Pair this with a Bible Study Life Group for added fun and deeper engagement!


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