The Why & How of Hosting an Informational Meeting

Download this FREE Informational Meeting Agenda handout to keep your meeting on track!

How to Host an Informational Meeting for Your Kids Discipleship Life Group

How to Host an Informational Meeting for Your Kids Discipleship Life Group

Before kicking off the fun with your Bible study or discipleship Life Group for kids, it is important to chat with the parents to help them feel secure and informed. Use our FREE Information Meeting Agenda handout (taken from our Life Group Planner) to guide your meeting and keep your thoughts clear and organized.

Why it’s Important

Hosting an informational meeting before starting your Life Group is a crucial step that lays the foundation for a harmonious partnership between parents, leaders, and the kids or tweens involved.

Understanding & Clarity:

By clearly articulating the mission, goals, schedule, curriculum, expectations, and more, leaders ensure that parents have a solid understanding of what their children will be engaging with. The Informational Meeting helps build trust and offers clarity so there’s no confusion.

Encouraging Parental Involvement:

Discipling kids in the ways of Jesus is a collective effort that involves parents, leaders, and the kids themselves. Hosting an Informational Meeting is an invitation for parents to actively participate and offer valuable insights that will help you understand each kid better. 

Addressing Concerns Proactively:

Parents will have questions about anything from schedule to snacks, to what the kids will be learning. Hosting an Informational Meeting provides a platform to address any questions, concerns, or expectations that parents have. 

Meeting with parents

How to Host and Informational Meeting 

  1. Choose a suitable location, whether it's a church hall, community center, or even someone's cozy living room. Let parents know the day, time, and location of the Informational Meeting and be sure to give them at least two weeks of advanced notice. 

  2. Create a warm and welcoming environment and consider providing light refreshments to set a friendly tone.

  3. Prepare a simple meeting agenda that covers key aspects of the Life Group like the curriculum, the schedule, and spiritual goals for the kids. Download a FREE copy of our Informational Meeting Agenda (taken from our Life Group Leader Planner) below!

  4. Make sure all of the families involved are on the same page about your Christian beliefs. Read your church or Christian organization's Statement of Faith at the beginning of the meeting.

  5. Share your enthusiasm for fostering a deeper understanding of faith in a fun and interactive way. Encourage parents to ask questions and share their expectations. 

  6. Provide printed materials such as sign-up forms, group calendars, roster info, etc. with our Life Group Leader Planner. It has over 20 forms to help you keep your group organized and on track.

  7. Conclude the meeting with a moment of prayer, uniting everyone in the shared mission of nurturing the spiritual growth of God’s children. 


Final Thoughts

Hosting an Informational Meeting with parents before starting a discipleship Life Group with their kids is a must! It sets the stage for a journey of spiritual growth that is grounded in trust, understanding, and collaborative effort – a journey that transcends the confines of a study group and extends into the hearts and homes of the families involved.

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