Outing Ideas for your Kids Life Group

Outing Ideas for the Kids in your Life Group!!

Life Groups are all about coming together to study God’s Word while forming friendships in the process. Those relationships are especially important when leading a Life Group for kids.

A great way to build those relationships are through Outings. Outings are frequent hangout sessions that allow the kids time to bond in a way that doesn’t feel formal or forced. Outings are separate from the Life Group meeting and are usually hosted on a different day, once a month or once every other month.

 Below I’ve outlined 5 types of Outings that the kids in your Life Group will love!!

 1. Outdoor Outings

     - Picnics 

     - Beach 

     - Camping

     - Hiking

 2. Physical Activity Outings

     - Rollerblading

     - Ice Skating

     - Swimming

     - Bike Riding or Scooter at the Park

3.Event/ Theme Park Outings

     - Trampoline Park

     - Laser Tag

     - Theme Park 

     - Playground Meet-up

4. Mission-Based Outings

     - Make Blessing Bags for the community

     - Bake Sale

     - Volunteer at a Food Pantry

     - Take treats to a Nursing Home

Kids Outings Donations

5. Outings to Support Each Other’s Personal Events

     - Birthday Parties

     - Sports Games (Soccer, Basketball, Football, Etc.)

     - Recitals (Piano, Dance, other instruments)

     - Performances (Plays, Choir Concerts, etc.)

BONUS: Playdates!

Something as simple as meeting for ice cream or at someone’s house for movie night will allow the kids to get together for some bonding time.

Outings for kids. Kids Playing outside.


Having an Outing on a frequent basis plays a strong part in building authentic friendships within your Life Group for kids— don't neglect to do them!

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