6th-8th Grade Developing Character Kits

  • Attitude is Everything

    Teach your group the importance of keeping a good attitude in their walk with Christ. 

    Attitude is Everything HERE

  • Overcoming the Negativity Within

    Teach your group that emotions are good tools God gave us to express how we’re feeling, but we can’t let them rule our lives. 

    Overcoming the Negativity Within HERE

  • Cover of Kids Bible Lesson about Decisions that Honor God for small Life Groups

    Decisions That Honor God

    Teach your group how to make their decisions based on the Word of God and not culture. 

    Decisions That Honor God HERE

  • Cover of Kids Bible Lesson about how you Matter to God for small Life Groups.

    I Matter

    Teach your group that they were created by God on purpose, for a purpose. They matter to Him. 

    I Matter HERE

More Life Group Kits coming soon!