Life Group Leader Planner

The ultimate must-have for kids or tween discipleship Life Group leaders!
Take the stress out of organizing your Life Group’s activities, finances, and more with this comprehensive, but simple Life Group Leader Planner.  

Collapsible content

What's Inside

- A Binder Cover Page

- Sign Up Sheet to collect parent names and contact info.

-An Informational Meeting Agenda to help you remember key points.

-Meeting Notes to take notes during the informational or any other meeting.

-A Group Roster to keep up with important details like the kids' allergies and emergency contact info. 

- A Volunteer Sign Up Sheet to keep track of who volunteered to bring things like snack or games.

-A Birthday Tracker

-A Monthly Calendar to keep track of important dates and events in the month. 

- A Yearly Calendar to keep track of important dates and events in the year.

-A To Do List to remind yourself of the tasks needed to run your Life Group.

-A Meeting Planner with space for pre-meeting prep, volunteers, supplies, and more.

-A Dues & Fees Tracker to remember who turned in their fees. 

-An Attendance Tracker to keep track of Life Group attendees. 

-A Group Activity Tracker to keep track of which activities have been completed and which are for future meetings.

Flyers to hang on bulletin boards to let the community know about your kids/tween Life Group meetings. 

-Personal Invitations to personally invite people to join your Life Group meetings.

-Plus 5 Customizable Bonus Pages

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