Am I Ready?? 5 Things to Remember Before Starting Your Kids or Tweens Life Group

You’ve figured out how to start a Life Group for the kids or tweens in your community, and you’ve been working hard to get it ready. You’ve checked everything off your list and you want to make sure you’re not forgetting anything. Here are five things to think about before “opening the doors” and launching your group. 

1. Start With Prayer

Pray that God will help you understand what you’re teaching. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you in your approach and words. Pray for each child and the needs they have. Pray that God’s Word will penetrate their hearts and they will begin to “get it”. Pray for wisdom. Pray for patience. Pray and don’t cease. 

2. Remember your Role 

God has given you the responsibility of discipling and leading these kids in the ways of Jesus. They are looking to you for guidance and they value what you say— even if they don’t always show it. Be sure to lead by example and practice what you preach. If you have a skeptical attitude toward God’s Word, they might pick that attitude up. If you have a faithful and humble approach to God’s Word, they might pick that attitude up as well. Model the behavior and attitude that you want to see in the kids. And remember, you are the seed planter. Only God has the power to make the seeds of faith grow in their hearts. 

Woman teaching the Bible

3. Manage Your Expectations 

Let go of the picture-perfect idea you might have imagined about your group. Kids aren’t perfect and neither are we. Kids don’t always listen. Sometimes they play and talk when they aren’t supposed to. Some kids are shy and won’t want to participate. Plus some concepts might go over their heads at first. 

Be patient with them, while offering a gentle nudge in the right direction. It’s not okay to force, but it is okay to temporarily incentivize and offer a bit of motivation to get them going. 

Overall, setting your heart to expect interruptions and imperfection will lead to less frustration and greater success for your group! 

4. Be Consistent

Kids will grow to love coming to your group and they’ll look forward to each meeting. Be sure to set a schedule and a pace that lends itself to your consistency. Keep your word, and don’t over-commit so that you can effectively show up for the children. 

Kids or tweens studying the Bible

5. Have Fun! 

Studying God’s Word doesn’t have to be boring and formal. Think about ways to make things fun and interactive for your group. Don’t be afraid to be silly or act things out. Read over the lesson ahead of time and find interesting facts about your topic or little-known stories that might make an impact on the kids. Having group projects or games after each lesson will help the kids bond and keep them wanting to come back. Figure out what makes your group excited and try to add some of that to keep things fun!

BONUS: Stay Organized

Keeping up with the comings and goings of a group of kids and their families can be a lot. You'll need to remember everything from allergies, birthdays, and emergency contact info, to who signed up to volunteer for what and when fees are due and who has paid them. Maintaining organized records will aid in the safety of your group and help cut down on mishaps and mismanagement. Use our Life Group Leader Planner to keep your records all in one place and organized in a way that can be found quickly. Check it out HERE.

Final Thoughts

Remember, flexibility is key. Be open to feedback from the kids and their families, and use it to refine your Life Group as needed. With prayer and thoughtful preparation, you'll be on your way to providing a meaningful and enjoyable Bible study experience for the kids in your group.

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