Take the stress out of planning with our interactive Life Group Kits that keep kids talking, learning, and having fun!

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Life Group Kit Delivery

Life Group Kit Delivery


What's Included

The Life Group Kit Delivery Service is a monthly subscription. All Members can PAUSE or CANCEL at any time penalty-free!

The Delivery Service Includes:

* One Monthly Credit for any Life Group Kit of your choice, delivered via email!

* Access to Exclusive Merchandise 

*BONUS access to our entire Video Gallery. (Hint: It takes the guess work out of coming up with fun activities to do with your group every meeting! Learn more below.)

Refund Policy

**Due to the digital download nature of this product, we do not offer returns, exchanges, or refunds. Members can Pause their subscription or Cancel it at any time penalty-free!

To read our full Return Policy go HERE.

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FAQ About Kits and Delivery Service

What is a discipleship Life Group?

Life Groups are small groups of about 2-10 kids of the same gender and age range, who meet on a regular basis for discipleship through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and fun activities. They meet with the effort of encouraging each other on their walk with Jesus, while building meaningful friendships. 

We call them Life Groups because we believe that even kids need to live the Christian life within a of community of believers, meeting weekly, plus occasional fun outings that help kids learn to "do life" together.

Learn more HERE

What are discipleship Life Group Kits?

Our Life Group Kits are digital download resources that include everything you need to lead your own life group for kids.

Our kits are designed specifically for discipling kids in the ways of the Lord, and building godly community amongst small groups of kids.

The lessons are not "preach/listen" or "lecture/spectator" style. They instead, emphasize discussion and allow kids to take an active role in participating through sharing their ideas, opinions, experiences, and testimonies while still being guided towards the truths found in God's Word.

Learn more HERE

What comes in the delivery?

The Life Group Kit Delivery Service is a monthly subscription.

The Delivery Service Includes:

* One Monthly Credit for any Life Group Kit of your choice, delivered via email

* Access to Exclusive Merchandise 

*BONUS access to our entire Video Gallery. (Hint: It takes the guess work out of coming up with fun activities to do with your group every meeting! Learn more below.)

All Members can PAUSE or CANCEL at any time penalty-free!

What is included in each kit?

We believe in a holistic approach to discipling children on their walk with Christ. They need more than just a once-a-week lesson. That's why each kit includes multiple tools to help kids build a deeper relationship with God.

Included in each kit:

1. 4 Weekly Discussion-based, life application Bible studies for kids that encourage Bible reading, praying for each other, and sharing testimonies.

2. Ice-Breaker games to kick off each lesson and warm kids up to better participate.

3. 4 Weekly Lesson Journals that help kids grasp the truths learned in each lesson on a deeper level.

4. Scripture Memory Cards for the group to memorize together, as well as individual cards that allow each child to practice hiding God's Word in their hearts at home.

5. A month's worth of Devotionals (or Prayer Journals for 1st-2nd grade) that lead kids in their daily time with God.

6. A Group Values poster that reiterates how things are done in your group. These statements set the tone for a safe, welcoming, and positive environment at every meeting.

7. A Parent Newsletter that explains what kids are learning and offers conversation starters to help continue the discussion at home.

8. A "Salvation Flier" that equips you with the message of salvation to lead a child to Christ when they are ready.

Everything is scripted, easy to use, and in digital format that you can download and print.

What is the Bonus Video Gallery? What are "Group Activities"?

After the Bible study portion at each meeting, we recommend doing a fun group activity. Group Activities provide something fun that the kids can look forward to each week, plus they're a great way for the kids to build bonds.

Group Activities can be anything from cooking or crafting, to learning skills or playing games.

Our ad-free Video Gallery is full of arts & crafts, recipes, science projects, and other ideas so you don't have to go scouring the internet looking for something kid-friendly or age-appropriate.

The Video Gallery is so easy to use, some leaders will want to:

A.) Watch the videos in advance then use the printable step-by-step instructions to guide the group.


B.) Simply play the video for the kids, hand them the instructions, and let them figure it out, only stepping in when necessary!

If your group will enjoy arts & crafts, recipes, science projects, or other fun hands-on activities after the Bible study, our Video Gallery has you covered!

What are the costs associated with starting a kid’s discipleship Life Group?/How can I budget for a Life Group?

A Life Group is a great way to keep your kids involved and active in an affordable way. In a time of high inflation, having kids participate in a Life Group can be much more affordable than some of the other expensive lessons, sports, and programs.

Some of the costs associated with running a group are:

 -$15 a month for the Life Group Kit Delivery 

-Craft/activity supplies at each meeting 

-Snack at each meeting

-Occasional Outings

-Optional items for the kids (ie. Group T-shirts, end-of-year awards, Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, prizes for behavior, Bibles, etc.)

Ways to Budget for group costs:

-Collect an annual amount from each group member. 

-Collect a monthly amount from each group member.

-Raise money through fundraisers.

-Rotate who provides snack at each meeting.

-Rotate who provides the group activity materials each meeting.

-Seek a donation from your church or Christian organization.

What age is this for?

The Life Group Kits are divided by gender and designed for 3 levels:

  • 1st-2nd Grade (Guys OR Girls)
  • 3rd-5th Grade (Guys OR Girls)
  • 6th-8th Grade (Guys OR Girls)

*Based on American grade levels

Who is this for?

Our Life Group Kits are for Leaders, Moms, and Dads who...

(One or more of the following)

* Love Jesus and prioritize their relationship with Him

* Understand the importance of children developing their own personal relationship with Jesus

*Feel a call to do something to help the children in their lives develop relationships built on Christ

*Know that going to church once a week is not enough to keep a child's focus on God

*Are tired of their kids spending the large majority of their time with peers who negatively influence them away from Christ

*Are selective with who their child forms "yolks" and friendships with

*Don't like seeing their child struggle with loneliness or isolation in their faith walk

What kids can benefit from this?

Our kits are for kids who...

(One or more of the following)

* Struggle finding friends their age who have the same beliefs or convictions as them

* Want to go deeper in God's Word and learn how it is relevant to their everyday lives

* Might have a hard time making friends, but long for true friendships

* Might make "friends" easily, but need more friendships that are rooted in Christ

* Thrive in smaller, more consistent groups

* Love Jesus and want to know more about living a life that honors Him

* Love to have fun!

What if I need to PAUSE or CANCEL the Delivery Service?

Members can pause or cancel at any time penalty-free!

How long does the credit last? Does it ever expire?

Each time you are billed, you will receive a new credit in the form of a code.

You MUST use the credit within your billing cycle because it will expire after one month (the day before the next billing cycle). The credits do not roll over to the next month.

Can I make a return or get a refund if I don't like it?

Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not accept returns nor do we offer refunds. Read our full Refund policy HERE.

If you are not happy with your subscription to the Life Group Kit Delivery Service, you can PAUSE or CANCEL it at any time, penalty-free.

I don't see the answer to my question.

If you don't see the answer to your question, check out our FAQ Page with even more frequently asked questions HERE