Learning Truth Kits

Teach kids the fundamentals and foundations of our Christian faith.

1st- 2nd Grade Learning Truth Kits

3rd-5th Grade Learning Truth Kits

6th-8th Grade Learning Truth Kits

Growing in Faith Kits

Developing Character Kits

Help kids learn to make the right choices in developing godly character and Christ-likeness. 

1st- 2nd Grade Developing Character Kits

3rd-5th Grade Developing Character Kits

6th-8th Grade Developing Character Kits

Shining Your Light Kits

Help kids gain confidence to live boldly for Jesus, spreading His love wherever they go!

1st- 2nd Grade Shining Your Light Kits

3rd-5th Grade Shining Your Light Kits

6th-8th Grade Shining Your Light Kits