3rd-5th Grade Developing Character Kits

  • Managing How We Feel

    Teach your group that feelings are beneficial, but they don’t control us.  

    Managing How We Feel HERE

  • Cover of Kids Bible Lesson about Contentment for small Life Groups.


    Teach your group that true contentment is found in Jesus. His grace is all we need.

    Contentment HERE 

  • Cover of Kids Bible Lesson about Making Good Choices for small Life Groups.

    Making Good Choices

    Teach your group that God knows the right choices to make, and He will help them make good choices too.  

    Making Good Choices HERE

  • Cover of Kids Bible Lesson about how there is no need to Worry for small Life Groups.

    No Need to Worry

    Teach your group that God cares about us. He’s with us through it all and He’ll never leave us. 

    No Need to Worry HERE

More Life Group Kits coming soon!