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Contentment | Grades 3-5

Contentment | Grades 3-5


With so many ads and commercials thrown at kids, it’s hard for them to be content. Teach your group that true contentment is found in Jesus. His grace is all we need.

Lesson 1: What Is Contentment?

Lesson 2: Our Portion

Lesson 3: Sharing Is Caring

Lesson 4: Life of Contentment

This 4-week Bible study for kids includes:

  • 4 Weekly Lessons
  • Ice Breaker Activities for each lesson
  • Lesson Journals
  • A Month of Devotionals for kids
  • Scripture Memory Cards for kids
  • Parent Newsletter (complete with family conversation starters)
  • Access to Exclusive Merch designed for your group
  • Video Gallery of fun Group Activities for after the meeting 

Our Life Group Kits are discussion-based and designed specifically for small groups. They’re filled with questions that promote conversation through sharing experiences and building relationships. This kit is a digital download.

To purchase this kit you must subscribe HERE first. If you are already subscribed, login to the membership portal for access. 

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Want a more in depth look at our lessons? Download samples!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in each kit?

We believe in a holistic approach to discipling children on their walk with Christ. They need more than just a once-a-week lesson. That's why each kit includes multiple tools to help kids build a deeper relationship with God. 

Included in each kit:

1. 4 Weekly Discussion-based, life application Bible studies for kids that encourage Bible reading, praying for each other, sharing testimonies, and more.

2. Ice Breaker games to kick off each lesson and warm kids up to better participate. 

3. 4 Weekly Lesson Journals that help kids grasp the truths learned in each lesson on a deeper level. 

4. Scripture Memory Cards for the group to memorize together, as well as individual cards that allow each child to practice hiding God's Word in their hearts at home. 

5. A month's worth of Devotionals (or Prayer Journals for 1st-2nd grade) that lead kids in their daily time with God at home. 

6. A Group Values poster that reinforces how things are done in your group. These statements set the tone for a safe, welcoming, and positive environment at every meeting. 

7. A Parent Newsletter that explains what kids are learning and offers conversation starters to help continue the discussion at home. 

8. A "Salvation Flier" that equips you with the message of salvation to lead a child to Christ when they are ready. 

Everything is scripted, easy to use, and in digital format that you can download and print.

How are the Life Group Kits different from other kids Bible Studies?

There are many awesome Bible studies for kids and tweens out there! But there are a few things that set our Life Group Kits apart from others.

1. They are small group focused & discussion-based.

Most of the lessons out there are written for Children’s Church or Youth Group which means they are a lot more broad and don’t tend to focus on discussion (since there’s not enough time for all the kids to share their thoughts). They’re perfect for large groups but might leave you struggling to come up with questions to extend the conversation in a small group setting.

Our kits are written with discipleship and small groups in mind. Our discussion-based curriculum is designed to help kids feel comfortable opening up during meetings while giving them the tools to continue their studying at home.

2. They take a holistic, well-rounded approach to discipleship.

Learning is not one-size-fits-all. Some kids will immediately take in the lesson being taught in the meeting. Other kids will learn better by participating in group discussions. It won't click with others until they get home and have some personal quiet time to think and apply what they're learning to their own lives.

Our Life Group Kits touch on different ways that kids can connect and learn. Each kit has discussion-based lessons and journals for the meeting. They also have resources for at-home reinforcement like our memory verse cards, devotionals/prayer journals, and newsletters with parent & child connection ideas.

3. They are economical.

Purchasing all the resources our Life Group Kits provide for each child separately can add up to quite a bit. But since our products are digital, you get unlimited printing within your group, cutting back on costs. 

Why are the kits sold by gender?

Our mission is to help create safe spaces for girls and guys to speak about issues and experiences that relate specifically to them. The groups should be girl groups or guy groups— not a combination of both.

We know that often times girls feel more comfortable being transparent and speaking about sensitive issues with other girls, and the same is true for guys.

We want girls and guys to see themselves in the characters and scenarios found in the kits. We believe that distinguishing some of the content helps us to achieve this.

What's the same/different between the girls and guys kits?

The lessons are the same in each corresponding girl/guy kit, but there are some differences in the resources.

In the 1st-2nd grade kits, the graphics and coloring pages are gendered (ie. Guys kits have images of boys and vice versa). The scenarios found in the Lesson Journals are gendered. The scenarios in the girl kits are written with girl characters (and sometimes situations that may apply specifically to girls). The same is true for the guy kits.

In the 3rd-5th grade kits, the scenarios found in the Devotionals are gendered. The scenarios in the girl kits are written with girl characters (and sometimes situations that may apply specifically to girls). The same is true for the guy kits.

In the 6th-8th grade kits, the scenarios found in the Lesson Journals are gendered. The scenarios in the girl kits are written with girl characters (and sometimes situations that may apply specifically to girls). The same is true for the guy kits.

Can we combine girls and guys in one group?

We do not recommend combining girls and guys in the same group.

Our kits were written and designed to have girls and guys in separate groups. We believe that is the best and most appropriate way to utilize our kits.

How can I purchase a kit?

You must purchase a subscription to the Life Group Delivery Service in order to receive the kits.

Every month you will receive a credit in the form of a code, to redeem ANY kit you would like.

You will also receive access to exclusive merch and a Video Gallery full of activities to do with your group at each meeting!

Check out the Life Group Delivery Service HERE.

I don't see the answer to my question.

If you don't see the answer to your question, check out our FAQ Page with more frequently asked questions HERE.

If your question is not there either, you can send us a message HERE.