3 Ideas to Celebrate Valentine's Day with your Life Group + 2 Free Valentine's Games!

Download these free Valentine's Games to play with your Life Group!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your Life Group

3 Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with your Life Group!

Valentine’s Day is not just about heart-shaped cards and yummy treats – it's a great opportunity to show kids and tweens where real, unconditional love comes from: God! In the midst of all the excitement and sugar rushes, why not use this time to talk about a love that goes way beyond just personal relationships? This Valentine’s Day, let’s have fun while also pointing kids to how awesome God's love truly is!

1. Do a Bible Study About God’s Love

Kids need to know that God loves them unconditionally. Love is God’s number one attribute because it’s who He is. Use our Life Group Kits with lessons about love to teach kids its true meaning this Valentine’s Day.

1st-2nd Grade "Live Like Jesus" KIT (Lesson #1: Love Like Jesus)

3rd-5th Grade "Getting to Know God" KIT (Lesson #3: Unconditional Love)

6th-8th Grade "God Is…" KIT (Lesson #4: Love ) 

Cover of Kids Bible Lesson living like Jesus for small Life Groups Getting to Know God Bible Lesson for KidsCover of Kids Bible Lesson about who God is for small Life Groups

2. Throw a Valentine’s Day Party with Your Group

After teaching your Life Group about God’s love have a Valentine’s Day party with fun games. Download FREE heart candy games to do with your group below! They’re simple and fun! Plus check out these other fun “Minute to Win it” style games for added entertainment.

Kid Friendly Things to Do Blog Valentines Games

3. End with a Scavenger Hunt

After the Bible study and a few games, end with a fun Scavenger Hunt! Create the hunt using verses from the Bible that highlight God's love. Each clue can lead the kids to a different location where they find a hidden note with a relevant Bible verse. At the final destination, gather the group and discuss the verses, emphasizing how each one reveals a different aspect of God's love.

Kids Valentine's Day Bible Scavenger Hunt
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