Get to Know Us!

The founder of Where Gathered Life Groups for Kids, Freda.

Meet The Founder

I'm Freda, committed follower of Jesus, wife to my husband Goldie, and mom to my 6 girls. I have my Master's Degree in Elementary Education and served as a teacher both overseas and in the US for 10 years, before becoming a stay-at-home mom. I have a passion for teaching kids about Jesus and creating lessons that are engaging and relatable.

The founder of Where Gathered Life Group for Kids' family.

Meet My Family

We are a Jesus loving, homeschooling family of 8. While I'm homeschooling our girls, my husband Goldie works from home as a CPA. We know that with Jesus all things are possible and we've seen His goodness transform us from two high school sweethearts into a family who makes it our mission to serve Him. We love to play board games, swim, and travel together.

Our Story

Where Gathered was birthed out of a personal need. Years ago when our family was living overseas, I noticed one of our daughters struggling socially. She had "friends" in different groups, but none that she felt close with. We loved our Children's Church, but as an introvert big groups intimidated her and she had a hard time making meaningful connections. Plus, we didn't know many people that held the same faith and convictions that we did in our community, outside of church. 

So I decided to go to our church and ask them if I could start a small group with girls around her same age, with the hopes that she'd make friends that way, and they agreed! 


We called ourselves the Tween Girls Club or TGC for short. We would meet once a week to talk over God's Word, followed by a craft or activity. Then, once a month or so, we would have a fun outing like laser tag or ice skating. Over time I noticed the girls were developing a strong bond with each other— and with God! 


Not only did my daughter grow socially, but I saw her faith increase too! Each meeting the girls would pray for each other and share testimonies of what God had done for them the previous week. They were realizing that they were not alone on their journey with Jesus.

I got a lot of positive feedback from the parents as well. They too were noticing an increased confidence and faith within their daughters. Because of those years in our group, I knew I had to share this opportunity with the world— and that's how Where Gathered came about!