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Life Group Leader Planner

Life Group Leader Planner

The ultimate must-have for all Life Group leaders!

Take the stress out of organizing your Life Group’s activities, finances, and more with this comprehensive, but simple Life Group Leader Planner.  

What's Inside

- A Binder Cover Page

- A Sign Up Sheet to collect names and contact info.

-An Informational Meeting Agenda to help you remember key points.

-Meeting Notes to take notes during the informational or any other meeting.

-A Group Roster to keep up with important details like allergies and emergency contact info.

- A Volunteer Sign Up Sheet to keep track of who volunteered to bring things like snack or games.

-A Birthday Tracker

-A Monthly Calendar to keep track of important dates and events in the month.

- A Yearly Calendar to keep track of important dates and events in the year.

-A To Do List to remind yourself of the tasks needed to run your Life Group.

-A Meeting Planner with space for pre-meeting prep, volunteers, supplies, and more.

-A Dues & Fees Tracker to remember who turned in their amounts.

-An Attendance Tracker to keep track of Life Group attendees.

-A Group Activity Tracker to keep track of which activities have been completed and which are for future.

- Fliers to hang on bulletin boards to to let the community know about your Life Group meetings.

-Personal Invitations to personally invite people to join your Life Group meetings.

-Plus 5 Customizable Bonus Pages

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