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Operation: Thankfulness (An Escape Room Style Game for Kids!)

Operation: Thankfulness (An Escape Room Style Game for Kids!)


Help the kids in your Life Group focus on Thankfulness with “Operation: Thankfulness”, our escape room style game!

This is a great game to play with your Life Group to act as the Group Activity after the Bible Study.

You can choose the 6 puzzle option (recommended for ages 8-10) or the 9 puzzle option (recommended for ages 11-13). Each puzzle challenge reveals a number to the final secret code at the end.

Important Game Info.

The games typically run between 30-45 minutes, depending on kids’ puzzle skills, group size, and age.

Be sure to adjust your Life Group meeting to finish the Bible study portion in enough time to do the game.

We’ve designed this Escape Room Style Game to be easy to set up and play, with no props or complicated instructions required.

Kids can complete the puzzles individually or in small groups, making it a great activity for your Life Group either after the Bible study portion of your meeting, at a holiday party, an end-of-the-year ceremony, or a play-date outing.

Reading and Basic math skills are required.

What is Included

- Set-Up Directions

- Frequently Asked Questions

- Player Instructions

- 9 Puzzle Challenges (tasks)

- Player’s Recording Sheet

- Recording Sheet with answers

- Hint cards


How long does it take to complete? 30-45 minutes depending on skill level, age, and amount of players.

What age range is this best for? Our 6 Puzzle game is suitable for ages 8-10. Our 9 Puzzle game is suitable for ages 11-13.

How many players can play? As many as you want! Your Life Group of kids can play individually or in smaller groups.

What level of skill/education is best? Reading and Basic math skills are required. Adult help will be needed for younger age groups.

Refund Policy

**Due to the digital download nature of this product, we do not offer returns, exchanges, or refunds. To read our full Refund Policy go HERE.

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